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The 100 pages fear

I recently surpassed 100 pages on my novel!

While this is a great achievement, it comes with its own set of expectations and fears. The last novel I wrote is currently (it is still being edited) 135 pages, and I really want to surpass that with this one.

As soon as I surpassed 100 pages, I started developing a fear that my plot wouldn’t be able to sustain that number of pages. But currently I have at least three more chapters planned, plus the fact that I know I will have to go back in and add characters and details later on.

Thus it looks like I’ll end up with at least 135 pages (hopefully more), but I can’t seem to get rid of the fear. It feels a bit like trying to write while banging my head against a wall, but at least I don’t have a writer’s block yet.

The question is, will I finish in time for a Christmas publication? Right now, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. But frankly I’d rather push back the release than not be satisfied with the final product.

I just hope by the time I finish there will still be people around that are interested in reading!

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