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Review: Belshazzar’s daughter by Barbara Nadel

This is a gripping mystery of the old school, set in Istanbul. We meet Çetin Ikmen, a curmudgeonly inspector who is faced with a murder that could have implications for all of the Jews in Istanbul.
What’s more, the case seems to have roots going all the way back to Russia, to a time before Çetin was even born.
Barbara Nadel has a very roundabout way of writing, and sometimes I wish she would just get to the point. But I understand that this is more of an intellectual
murder mystery than a racing thriller, even if the pace picks up across the last few chapters.
Sometimes I feel like Nadel missed an opportunity to show me the city of Istanbul – she focuses on setting only insofar as it serves the plot. Nonetheless, this is quite an enjoyable read!

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