Month: August 2015

Isaac Cathedral

Today I visited Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg and then went to take a sun bath in a park close to my hotel. Here are some pictures:

Mural of Jesus' ressurection.

Mural of Jesus’ ressurection.

Mural of Jesus' burial.

Mural of Jesus’ buriial.

Mural in St. Isaac's cathedral.

Mural in St. Isaac’s cathedral.

Mural of Peter in St. Isaac's cathedral.

Mural of Peter in St. Isaac’s cathedral.

Needless to say, I loved it! 🙂


Why are you serving Italian food in Russia, Jamie Oliver?

Recently, I’ve started watching John Oliver’s Last Week Tonightand I’d reccommend that you do as well. He’s smart, talks about interesting topics and is also funny at the same time!

The psychology of character development

Last night, as I read and explained some chapters of Trouble in Trondheim: Bikers and Gangsters to my brother, he pointed out to me that some of the actions taken by the main character were so morally wrong that he probably wouldn’t be able to sympathize with him.

I found this very interesting. It made me see the character in a new light, and now I want to try to change him, or at least the actions that he takes.

When creating a character, as an author you’re creating a character purely out of your own egotistical need to see that particular character come to life. Without that, there is no motivation.

On the other hand, you’re also trying to create a character that the audience will root for (in this case, because it is the protagonist) and perhaps even identify with.

But, of course, you can’t please everyone. Even out of those who actually read your story, not everyone is going to like it – certainly not equally much!

Therefore, the best thing you can do as an author is to create characters that you love (or despise, if the character in question is the antagonist). And by “love”, I mean such that you would defend their actions to your grave – unless someone provides a very concise argument why their actions are such that they would be very hard to sympathize with. Or why they make no sense in the context of the plot, usually meaning you have a deeper problem in regards to plot rather than character.

This goes straight to the heart of good storytelling (regardless of medium). Somehow, if you manage to create a story that is loved by its audience, you’ve manage to uncover a vital part of their psychology. More often than not, it means your audience is more like you than you’d be comfortable admitting to.

The city of Dreams

Currently sitting on a Luxury bus from Tallinn to St. Petersburg.

The Summer School has been an absolute blast, and I’m absolutely convinced that I’ll be returning next year.

If you think that the Summer School is all about learning, I can reveal that the last night included a Choir performance (this part was optional) that saw me on the Estonian national news, followed by five or seven hours of non-stop partying almost until dawn.

Trinity Cathdral, St. Petersburg

The Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Still, I’m really looking forward to St. Petersburg. I suspect my Russian will increase by 100% there, because almost no one speaks English. We’ll be visiting a bunch of museums, cafés and clubs, and I’m really excited to meet more of the Russian, which I’ve come to love, up close.

Увидимся в Петрие (see you in Petri)!

– Mats