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I’m going to St. Petersburg!

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m going to St. Petersburg – hopefully from January, if everything works out with travel restrictions.

I’m going to stay there for six months to write a thriller set primarily in St. Petersburg, but also other parts of Russia.

I had applied for an art residency a couple of months back, and had expected that I wasn’t selected. But the selection process got delayed due to the Corona virus, so I was super surprised when I got an email confirming my participation!

There are so many questions on my mind right now: Will I be able to travel to Russia in January due to the Corona virus? Will I be able to plan and write an entire book in 12 months? Will people be as excited about the book as I am?

I’m going to keep you informed on the book and the journey as I go along.

For now, I’ll share the book blurb and [english] cover. Hope you like it!

St. Petersburg, Russia: Professor Michael Brown from Norway hosts a presentation about the missing Fabergé eggs belonging to the last tsar family of Russia. On his way back to the hotel, he is contacted by a mysterious person telling him that his life might be in danger. He has to go to Ekaterinburg – and fast. Soon, it becomes clear that the mysterious person has connections to Russia’s grandiose past. Now Michael needs to unravel the mysteries of the past that could hold the clues to Russia’s future. Will he find the missing eggs before he is hunted down by the people trying to kill him?

Mats Vederhus
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