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Interview with Comet Kid (for

The awards were selectwed by's readers.
Comet Kid won two awards. Photo by Stian S. Møller (

– We were at NRK when we were told by Nina in Sony that we had won. It resulted in … I think it was high and controlled cheers roaring out of the studio there, says drummer Svein Inge Bjørkedal. The other guys in Comet Kid accord with hearty laughter. We got the message at the same time, which was very good!

Comet Kid’s next album is entitled Halley and will be released at January 29th 2016. The band members hope that it will be even better received than their previous outings.

– I think it’s the best we’ve made so far, says Bjørkedal.

The guys feel that they have evolved as musicians since their last record.

– Yes absolutely, says bassist Theodor Peterson. We’ve kind of found a more unified sound. Meaning that we have become more unanimous in what we make and what we produce. Nowadays we produce all our songs in the form of a jam – we play in our rehearsal room and build up all the instruments, adding one element after the other, and finally we have a great tune.

– I think we’ve grown on the hundred concerts we’ve played since the last album, remarks keyboardist Hogne Aasjord.

Embarking on a major tour of Norway

After the album is released, the band will be touring a lot.

– Virtually all across the country, says Bjørkedal. At least in all major cities and places we’ve visited often before. We’ll also be playing some national concerts. Also, it’s not too long until summer, so hopefully there will be some festivals too.

– Definitely, confirms Peterson. Hopefully some overseas gigs too. It’s one of our goals, to get to travel a little beyond national borders. We do not have any like big, scary plans to take over the world, but we’ve played almost everywhere in Norway now. We have been from Kirkenes to Kristiansand, somehow.

– The only county we lack is Nord-Trøndelag, Aasjord points out.

Yes, that’s true, exclaims Bjørkedal. So to all booking agencies in Nord-Trondelag, please contact us!

Dreaming of Roskilde

All the guys in the band have different personal goals they want to achieve.

– I have, since I was sixteen or seventeen years old wanted to play at Roskilde. Obviously we’ll get to do that in some capacity, some time, says Bjørkedal.

– When we’ve done that, then we stop, says Peterson.

The remark causes general laughter to erupt among the guys.

– Hehehehe, yes, then we are finished, Bjørkedal says.

Yes, it would have been awesome, I totally agree. Roskilde has always been a dream, says Peterson.

– Theodor now has a Swedish girlfriend, and the Swedish krona is so high that all Swedes are now moving home, thus he would really like for us to become big in Sweden, says vocalist Andreas Kjøll.

– It would have been something, admits Peterson.

This may take the cake

At the end of 2015, there is one thing the guys in the band are more grateful for than anything else in the past year.

– This award really took the cake, says Peterson. It shows, in a way, that people have bothered to go online and vote for us. Although there are terribly many awards, I feel that we have very loyal fans.

I look at the list wich contains so many good artists and so many good albums, and then people choose to vote for us – that’s really nice, is Aasjord’s closing remark