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Review: The Congregation by A.J Griffiths Jones

The Congregation is about a vicar in the UK receiving a new congregation. Set in the seventies, the story sees him traveling to a small mining town where he has to deal with all the different agendas, problems and mysteries of the various families that make up his new congregation.

I didn’t want to like this, but I somehow did nonetheless.
Thing is, this book is supposed to be a cozy mystery. And I suppose, in a way, it is, but I kept waiting for someone to be murdered, like in Agatha Christie’s stories.
So the mysteries were less suspenseful than I had wanted, but somehow the author kept engaging me with the characters.
The ending was a bit… not sure I understood where all the sudden rage came from, and so it felt a bit unfulfilling.
But all in all, this is a very enjoyable read!


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