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The start of an adventure

I’m currently headed for Oslo by train, before flying to Tallinn, Estonia, tomorrow. I’m meeting some friends for a beer today, it’ll be good!

Looking forward to Tallinn Summer School, where I’ll be learning Russian for three weeks.Then I’m going to St. Petersburg for a week. It’ll be even better! St. Petersburg is the cultural hub of Russia, and sports, amongst other things, Hermitage, one of the world’s largest museums.

Hopefully I’ll also have time to write along the way so that I’ll get to finish Trouble in Trondheim: Bikers and gangsters.

Stay tuned!


Right now I’m in my hotel room, after having had a couple of beers with friends from when I studied journalism in Bodø. We met at Dattera til Hagen, which has outdoors serving all through the summer. If you haven’t been there, I’d recommend it! The prices aren’t bad for Norway, and the staff are nice. The location also feels very exotic, with multi colored lighting and furniture and painted walls.

The hotel I’m staying at, Scandic Oslo Airport Hotel, feels very modern and stylish. It sports a gym, free breakfast and dinner, and is situated only around 5 minutes away from Oslo Airport. However, the shuttle bus to the airport costs 70 NOK each way, which is extreme. The hotel isn’t cheap either, with one night coming in at 740 NOK. I found the shower to be clumsy; it took ages to switch from hot to cold, and when it did, the water was too hot and took ages to switch back.

My room:

My room
My room at Scandic Airport Hotel.
My room
My room at Scandic Airport Hotel.
My room
My room at Scandic Airport Hotel.

All in all I like the room and the look and feel of the hotel in general, but it is too expensive, and getting to it is ridiculously expensive.

Mats out.

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