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Kurt Hammer is in trouble.

His wife and infant have been

found brutally murdered, and

Hammer has to leave the past

behind. At the same time, a

menace is killing seemingly

innocent victims in the city of

Trondheim, and the police are

clueless. Kurt Hammer must

save the day.

Born in Norway and a

journalist himself, Vederhus

takes his own experiences and

channels them into a hard-

boiled crime mystery that

clearly benefits from his own

observations. Celia

Kurt Hammer ends up in Lima,

Peru to escape his demons and

put an end to his alcoholism. The

holiday soon takes a sinister turn

though, when Kurt witnesses the

brutal murder of an old friend.

Facing the most difficult case of his

life, can Kurt find the killer – and

avoid succumbing to his demons?

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