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Murder in Lima

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The black Mercedes Maybach Pullman pulled up in the middle of New Bond Street, under an ashen sky. Raining cats and dogs, the weather gods were clearly in an extra bad mood this day——even for London. A man wearing a black bowler hat and coat stepped out from the driver’s seat, closed the door behind him, and with firm steps went to the rearmost door located almost five meters behind him. When he opened the door, the man bowed and said, “Welcome, sir!”

Cars such as a Rolls Royce Phantom, Porsche Panamera 4, and Aston Martin DB9 occupied all the parking spaces along the narrow street. People who hadn’t barricaded themselves indoors to escape the rain stood in small clusters on each side of the street, pointing and whispering amongst themselves, apparently just as curious as the journalists from all over the world who had shown up and were now preparing to assault the newly arrived the car.

“Thanks!” the man answered, getting out of the car.

His skin was lightly tanned, and he had black, curly hair which lay in a nice bun on the top of his head. Underneath his light brown leather jacket, he wore a dark blue turtleneck and an orange T-shirt. A green cotton scarf was wrapped around his throat. On the tip of his nose sat glasses with thick, black frames.

An explosion of flashes assaulted him as the journalists screamed at the top of their lungs.

“No comment,” said the man firmly as he ran from the car toward the two display windows of the marble building. He moved with confident steps and a strutting neck to a creamy white façade.

Golden letters spelling the name “Sotheby’s” filled the space between the second and third floor. The entrance to Sotheby’s auction house was comprised of black, stately doors with golden handles. As he stood outside, he was met by a tall man dressed in a black coat and top hat.

“Please hurry up, sir,” he said. “The auction starts in five minutes.”

“Thanks. I assume that I have a reserved seat,” answered the man with the green scarf.

“Of course.” The tall man opened one of the black doors. “Welcome!”