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MODI looks back

MODI (Photo: Jarle H. Moe)
MODI (Photo: Jarle H. Moe)

How does it feel to have released album together?
Amalie: It feels really good.
Martin: Yes, but it does.
A: It’s almost a relief to have finally released it. We have worked on it for so long now.
M: It’s fun to get to release it, and it’s so fun to get feedback which is great! It’s cool.

Is there a common thread on the album “Tilbake (Backwards)”, either lyrically or musically?
M: It’s not like we think that “now we will write songs for Modi.” When we write songs there are some that fit and some that don’t fit, says Martin.
A: The album is really just a compilation of compositions from all members, mostly me and Martin. Yet all have helped to write something.
M: There’s even a song that the drummer has written. It’s called “Wordless”.

Where does the title “Backwards” come from?
M: The album’s title “Backwards” comes from one of the strongest songs on the album.
A: At the same time it is a nice, open word which may include much; looking back on what has happened is something that recurs in many of the texts.

Is MODI your main project?
M: I do other things, but it’s not necessarily what I spend the most time on which is closest to my heart. MODI is closest to my heart. This is where I can compose songs and be myself without filtering myself because I’m at work.

How is the album produced?
M: “Backwards” is in many ways a live album. We have a little vocal dubbing and some synth, but apart from that everything is recorded live. I’ve been thinking that the sound is “old school”, but the main idea for me was that synthesizers would fit in with the bass, drums and so on. So that the overall impression was organic.

Do you have a new album in the works?
M: The band has already been on tour where we have presented six to seven new songs. The songs on this album are a little more introverted – they do not come to you, you must come to them. However, it is very nice to get to them – to get the master of the record and being able to listen to it on a good stereo at home was such a good feeling, he concludes.