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Ingeborg has been in the front line as a nurse during the corona pandemic. Now she works as a journalist

Ingeborg Kløve-Graue has replaced the pandemic reception with NRK Nyheter. Photo: Private

There are similarities between the jobs, she believes.

Ingeborg Kløve-Graue finished her nursing education and worked as a nurse for three years when the pandemic came to Norway. Then she became part of the pandemic team at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen.

– It was demanding to be a nurse in such an outbreak, but despite the fact that it was a bit disgusting in the beginning, good routines came into place quickly, she says to Journalisten.

Kløve-Graue is now an intern at NRK Nyheter via the Nynorsk media center. It is something completely different, she believes.

– I occasionally use a lot of the knowledge I’ve gained. But it’s much more demanding than I’d expected in advance! When I was a nurse, I hung out a lot with nurses and doctors. Journalists are very active in society, it is very exciting.

Wanted to convey

One of the things she missed about working as a nurse was working creatively.

– But I was proud to be a nurse. I wanted to work more with conveying news, and work more with getting good information out.

So far, Kløve-Graue has learned that journalism is an exciting and versatile profession, and she looks forward to demanding working days.

– As a new journalist, every day should be challenging. You get a unique chance to show what is happening in our society, and then I think it is important to always ask yourself if you’re asking the right questions, think objectively and see the person behind the story.

One will always be colored by one’s own opinions and experiences, she believes.

– So the biggest, but and most exciting challenge is to learn to ask good questions and challenge your own opinions. I think that especially for new journalists, like myself, we should create challenging working days so that we learn as much as possible.

Time pressure

There are a few similarities between the jobs as a nurse and a journalist, Kløve-Graue believes.

– In both jobs, there is a great time pressure. As a nurse, I worked in shifts, as I do now. I also take with me a nurse’s respect for those I meet, she says.

Other experiences she takes with her is that she’s used to talking to people.

– I’m used to talking to people about difficult situations. In the health care system, we have a difficult language with professional terms, so I also have a lot of experience with communicating things to others in a a way that’s easy to understand. We also have a good set of values ​​that I take with me.

She adds that she cheers on her nursing colleagues and stands with them in the pandemic and the difficult time they’re going through now.