Currently sitting on a Luxury bus from Tallinn to St. Petersburg.

The Summer School has been an absolute blast, and I’m absolutely convinced that I’ll be returning next year.

If you think that the Summer School is all about learning, I can reveal that the last night included a Choir performance (this part was optional) that saw me on the Estonian national news, followed by five or seven hours of non-stop partying almost until dawn.

Trinity Cathdral, St. Petersburg

The Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Still, I’m really looking forward to St. Petersburg. I suspect my Russian will increase by 100% there, because almost no one speaks English. We’ll be visiting a bunch of museums, cafés and clubs, and I’m really excited to meet more of the Russian, which I’ve come to love, up close.

Увидимся в Петрие (see you in Petri)!

– Mats